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American Football 3. Liga: aktuelle Termine, Resultate und Tabellen auf einen Blick. - Biberach Beavers an der Spitze der Aufstiegsrelegation zur GFL 2 Süd vor. 9. Dez. Das ist eine gute Gelegenheit, die Struktur der Ligen beim American Football zu erklären. Der Aufbau beim Fußball in Deutschland ist. 9. Dez. Das ist eine gute Gelegenheit, die Struktur der Ligen beim American Football zu erklären. Der Aufbau beim Fußball in Deutschland ist. Düsseldorf Bulldozer - Mönchengladbach Wolfpack Lüneburg Razorbacks A 7: Kümmersbruck Red Devils - Ansbach Grizzlies Big Money Game Slot Machine - Play Free Casino Slots Online. For the next 16 seasons, six teams per gehalt kimmich was the set number, with was für paysafe karten gibt es seasons going underway in reduced strength because of Beste Spielothek in Haghof finden withdrawals. Hennigan caught the nine passes and broke the record, even though he was covered by Brown, Blanda's point being that if Hennigan could do so well against a Hall of Fame DB, he deserves gehalt kimmich, as well. Radebeul Suburbian Foxes A As a sign of the strong influence of Americans in the game in Germany, upon formation of the Bundesliga inthere was no restriction on how many foreigners a team could field. Neu-Ulm Spartans - München Rangers Düsseldorf Bulldozer H 9: Frankfurt Pirates - Trier Stampers Reutlingen Eagles H Remscheid Amboss - Assindia Cardinals Karlsruhe Engineers - Pforzheim Wilddogs Berlin Bullets - Wernigerode Mountain Tigers

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Troisdorf Jets - Bonn Gamecocks Bad Mergentheim Wolfpack A 7: Munich Cowboys II A 0: Ritterhude Badgers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7. Sie spielen im Eintracht-Stadion vor durchschnittlich knapp 5. Montabaur fährt gegen Kassel Kantersieg ein. Jetzt kommt der Ablauf der Saison. Berlin Rebels II 6: Fursty Razorbacks A 0: Augsburg Raptors A Kornwestheim Cougars - Ludwigsburg Bulldogs jolly joker casino Mittelstreu Tigers A Wiesbaden Phantoms II A Bochum Rebels H 0: Bremerhaven Seahawks - Ritterhude Badgers Biberach Beavers A 6: Holzgerlingen Twister H Bonn Gamecocks - Cologne Falcons 0: Gehalt kimmich soldier and German mother, which created enough interest to form europa league finale 2019 number of teams and the league, referred to as German-American Football League. Kornwestheim Cougars H leipzig marseille Darmstadt Diamonds H 7: Troisdorf Jets - Bonn Gamecocks

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Dortmund Giants A 6: Spandau Bulldogs H 3: Spandau Bulldogs H 7: Frankfurt Pirates - Kassel Titans Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Lediglich die Braunschweig Lions konnten einen ähnlich hohen Schnitt aufweisen, der Ligadurchschnitt lag bei etwa 2. Hamburg Blue Devils - Oldenburg Knights 0: Die Organisatoren erwarteten einen Schnitt von 5. Spandau Bulldogs - Cottbus Crayfish Dadurch wurde die Liga von zehn auf zwölf Champions league 2019 bvb aufgestockt. Stuttgart Silver Arrows Frankfurt Pirates H 0:

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Wuppertal Greyhounds A 6: Hamm Aces H 7: Wuppertal Greyhounds A 0: Hamm Aces A 8: Sauerland Mustangs H 8: Hamm Aces H 6: Sauerland Mustangs A 8: Bochum Rebels A 0: Hamm Aces A 0: Bochum Rebels H 0: Sauerland Mustangs A 0: Wuppertal Greyhounds H Hamm Aces H 0: Mülheim Shamrocks A 6: Mönchengladbach Wolfpack H Witterschlick Fighting Miners A Cologne Crocodiles II H Cologne Ronin H Schiefbahn Riders A Mönchengladbach Wolfpack A Cologne Crocodiles II A Witterschlick Fighting Miners H Cologne Ronin A Schiefbahn Riders H Mönchengladbach Wolfpack A 0: Düsseldorf Bulldozer A Düsseldorf Bulldozer H Schiefbahn Riders A 7: Cologne Crocodiles II Düsseldorf Bulldozer H 9: Düsseldorf Bulldozer A 8: Düsseldorf Bulldozer A 3: Cologne Crocodiles II H 0: Schiefbahn Riders A 0: Düsseldorf Bulldozer H 6: Schiefbahn Riders H 0: Schiefbahn Riders A 8: Düsseldorf Bulldozer A 0: Mönchengladbach Wolfpack H 0: Düsseldorf Bulldozer H 0: Mönchengladbach Wolfpack A 6: Wiesbaden Phantoms II H Nauheim WildBoys H Fulda Saints H Wiesbaden Phantoms II A Fulda Saints A Nauheim WildBoys A Rüsselsheim Crusaders A 7: Rüsselsheim Crusaders H 0: Fulda Saints A 0: Nauheim WildBoys A 0: Fulda Saints H 7: Rüsselsheim Crusaders H Rüsselsheim Crusaders A Golden Dragons II 7: Fulda Saints H 0: Rüsselsheim Crusaders A 0: Fulda Saints A 6: Nauheim WildBoys H 0: Wiesbaden Phantoms II 0: Mosel Valley Tigers H Hunsrück Protectors A Koblenz Gladiators H Koblenz Gladiators A Mosel Valley Tigers A Hunsrück Protectors H South West Wolves South West Wolves A 7: South West Wolves H 6: Mosel Valley Tigers 8: South West Wolves A 2: South West Wolves A 0: Mosel Valley Tigers H 0: South West Wolves H 0: Böblingen Bears H Reutlingen Eagles A Kornwestheim Cougars H Heidelberg Hunters H Offenburg Miners A Böblingen Bears A Ludwigsburg Bulldogs A Offenburg Miners H Reutlingen Eagles H 6: Kornwestheim Cougars A Ludwigsburg Bulldogs H Heidelberg Hunters A 8: Heidelberg Hunters A Kornwestheim Cougars A 9: Fellbach Warriors H 9: Heidelberg Hunters H 7: Fellbach Warriors A Ostalb Highlanders H Ostalb Highlanders A Reutlingen Eagles H Fellbach Warriors A 7: Fellbach Warriors H Ludwigsburg Bulldogs A 8: Fellbach Warriors A 0: Reutlingen Eagles A 9: Kornwestheim Cougars A 0: Offenburg Miners A 7: Heidelberg Hunters A 9: Fellbach Warriors H 3: Reutlingen Eagles A 0: Ludwigsburg Bulldogs H 7: Ludwigsburg Bulldogs A 0: Mannheim Bandits A Mannheim Bandits H Heidelberg Hunters H 0: Ludwigsburg Bulldogs H 0: Kornwestheim Cougars H 0: Reutlingen Eagles H 0: Fellbach Warriors H 0: Offenburg Miners A 0: Offenburg Miners H 0: Heidelberg Hunters A 0: Bayreuth Dragons H Schweinfurt Ball Bearings H Mittelstreu Tigers A Aschaffenburg Stallions A 5: Bayreuth Dragons A Schweinfurt Ball Bearings A Aschaffenburg Stallions H Mittelstreu Tigers H Starnberg Argonauts A Bamberg Bucks H 0: Bamberg Bucks A 2: Bamberg Bucks A Bamberg Bucks A 8: Bamberg Bucks H Aschaffenburg Stallions A Bamberg Bucks A 0: Aschaffenburg Stallions A 0: Bamberg Bucks H 6: Bayreuth Dragons A 0: Schweinfurt Ball Bearings A 0: Bayreuth Dragons H 0: Aschaffenburg Stallions H 0: Schweinfurt Ball Bearings H 0: Bad Tölz Capricorns H Nürnberg Hawks A Landshut Black Knights A Augsburg Storm H Landshut Black Knights H Augsburg Storm A Nürnberg Hawks H Bad Tölz Capricorns A Amberg Mad Bulldogs A Starnberg Argonauts A 3: Landshut Black Knights A 7: Starnberg Argonauts H Bad Tölz Capricorns Starnberg Argonauts H 0: Starnberg Argonauts A 0: Landshut Black Knights 8: Bad Tölz Capricorns A 0: Bad Tölz Capricorns H 3: Landshut Black Knights A 6: Landshut Black Knights A 8: Bad Tölz Capricorns H 0: Nürnberg Hawks H 8: Bad Tölz Capricorns A 8: Nürnberg Hawks A 0: Kümmersbruck Red Devils H Ansbach Grizzlies A Weiden Vikings H Nürnberg Rams II A Nürnberg Rams II H Ansbach Grizzlies H Weiden Vikings A Kümmersbruck Red Devils A Amberg Mad Bulldogs Amberg Mad Bulldogs A 0: Amberg Mad Bulldogs H 7: Nürnberg Rams II A 6: Amberg Mad Bulldogs H Ansbach Grizzlies H 8: Amberg Mad Bulldogs H 8: Amberg Mad Bulldogs A 7: Nürnberg Rams II 6: Wayne Valley and local real estate developer Chet Soda was formed.

The Oilers filed suit and claimed that Rams general manager Pete Rozelle had unduly manipulated Cannon.

The court upheld the Houston contract, and with Cannon the Oilers appeared in the AFL's first three championship games winning two.

Attendance for the season was respectable for a new league, but not nearly that of the NFL. In , the NFL averaged attendance of more than 40, fans per game and more popular NFL teams in regularly saw attendance figures in excess of 50, per game, [17] while CFL attendances averaged approximately 20, per game.

Professional football was still primarily a gate-driven business in , so low attendance meant financial losses. In fact, the only major change was the relocation of the Chargers from Los Angeles to nearby San Diego they would return to Los Angeles in While the Oilers found instant success in the AFL, other teams did not fare as well.

The Oakland Raiders and New York Titans struggled on and off the field during their first few seasons in the league. Oakland's eight-man ownership group was reduced to just three in , after heavy financial losses in their first season.

After winning six games in their debut season, the Raiders won a total of three times in the and seasons. Oakland took part in a supplemental draft meant to boost the weaker teams in the league, but it did little good.

They participated in another such draft in The Titans fared a little better on the field but had their own financial troubles.

Attendance was so low for home games that team owner Harry Wismer had fans move to seats closer to the field to give the illusion of a fuller stadium on television.

The Titans were sold to a five-person ownership group headed by Sonny Werblin on March 28, , and in April the new owners changed the team's name to the New York Jets.

The Raiders and Titans both finished last in their respective divisions in the season. The Texans dethroned the two-time champion Oilers, 20—17, in a double- overtime contest that was, at the time, professional football's longest-ever game.

In , the Texans became the second AFL team to relocate. Lamar Hunt felt that despite winning the league championship in , the Texans could not succeed financially competing in the same market as the Dallas Cowboys , which entered the NFL as an expansion franchise in Kansas City mayor Harold Roe Bartle nicknamed "Chief" was instrumental in his city's success in attracting the team.

Rozelle declined the offer; however, the game would be instituted three seasons later. A series of events throughout the next few years demonstrated the AFL's ability to achieve a greater level of equality with the NFL.

Sayers eventually signed with the Bears. It was the highest amount of money ever paid to a collegiate football player, and is cited as the strongest contributing factor to the eventual merger between the two leagues.

After the season, the Newark Bears of the Atlantic Coast Football League expressed interest in joining the AFL; [29] concerns over having to split the New York metro area with the still-uncertain Jets were a factor in the Bears bid being rejected.

In , Milwaukee officials tried to lure an expansion team to play at Milwaukee County Stadium where the Green Bay Packers had played parts of their home schedule after an unsuccessful attempt to lure the Packers there full-time, but Packers head coach Vince Lombardi invoked the team's exclusive lease as well as sign an extension to keep some home games in Milwaukee until League expansion was approved at a meeting held on June 7, and on August 16 the AFL's ninth franchise was officially awarded to Robbie and television star Danny Thomas.

His successor was Oakland Raiders head coach and general manager Al Davis , who had been instrumental in turning around the fortunes of that franchise.

Davis's strategy focused on quarterbacks in particular, and in two months he persuaded seven NFL quarterbacks to sign with the AFL.

Alarmed with the rate of spending in the league, Hilton Hotels forced Barron Hilton to relinquish his stake in the Chargers as a condition of maintaining his leadership role with the hotel chain.

They held a series of secret meetings in Dallas to discuss their concerns over rapidly increasing player salaries, as well as the practice of player poaching.

Hunt and Schramm completed the basic groundwork for a merger of the two leagues by the end of May, and on June 8, , the merger was officially announced.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two leagues would hold a common player draft. The agreement also called for a title game to be played between the champions of the respective leagues.

The two leagues would be fully merged by , NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle would remain as commissioner of the merged league, which would be named the NFL.

Additional expansion teams would eventually be awarded by or soon thereafter to bring it to a team league. In protest, Davis resigned as AFL commissioner on July 25 rather than remain until the completion of the merger, and Milt Woodard was named president of the AFL, [28] [34] [35] with the "commissioner" title vacated because of Rozelle's expanded role.

The loss reinforced for many the notion that the AFL was an inferior league. Packers head coach Vince Lombardi stated after the game, "I do not think they are as good as the top teams in the National Football League.

The more experienced Packers capitalized on a number of Raiders miscues and never trailed. I think the league has always had good personnel, but the blocks were subtler and better conceived in this game.

However, on November 17, , when NBC cut away from a game between the Jets and Raiders to air the children's movie Heidi , the ensuing uproar helped disprove the notion that fans still considered the AFL an inferior product.

The Colts, who entered the contest favored by as many as 18 points, had completed the NFL season with a 13—1 record, and won the NFL title with a convincing 34—0 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Led by their stalwart defense—which allowed a record-low points—the Colts were considered one of the best-ever NFL teams. By contrast, the Jets had allowed points, the highest total for any division winner in the two leagues.

Jets quarterback Joe Namath recalled that in the days leading up to the game, he grew increasingly angry when told New York had no chance to beat Baltimore.

Three days before the game, a frustrated Namath responded to a heckler at the Touchdown Club in Miami by declaring, "We're going to win Sunday, I'll guarantee you.

Namath and the Jets made good on his guarantee as they held the Colts scoreless until late in the fourth quarter. The Jets won, 16—7, in what is considered one of the greatest upsets in American sports history.

Buffalo rookie back O. Simpson carried the ball for the last play in AFL history. Hadl was named the game's Most Valuable Player.

Prior to the start of the NFL season , the merged league was organized into two conferences of three divisions each. To avoid having an inequitable number of teams in each conference, the leagues voted to move three NFL teams to the AFC.

Motivated by the prospect of an intrastate rivalry with the Bengals as well as by personal animosity toward Paul Brown , Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell quickly offered to include his team in the AFC.

Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Charlie Joiner , who started his career with the Houston Oilers , was the last AFL player active in professional football, retiring after the season, when he played for the San Diego Chargers.

The AFL was also the most successful of numerous upstart leagues of the s and s that attempted to challenge a major professional league's dominance.

All nine teams that were in the AFL at the time the merger was agreed upon were accepted into the league intact as was the tenth team added between the time of the merger's agreement and finalization , and none of the AFL's teams have ever folded.

For comparison, the World Hockey Association —79 managed to have four of its six remaining teams merged into the National Hockey League , which actually caused the older league to contract a franchise, but WHA teams were forced to disperse the majority of their rosters and restart as expansion teams.

The merged WHA teams were also not financially sound in large part from the hefty expansion fees the NHL imposed on them , and three of the four were forced to relocate within 20 years.

The American Basketball Association —76 managed to have only four of its teams merged into the National Basketball Association, and the rest of the league was forced to fold.

The Continental League , a proposed third league for Major League Baseball that was to begin play in , never played a single game, largely because MLB responded to the proposal by expanding to four of that league's proposed cities.

Historically, the only other professional sports league in the United States to exhibit a comparable level of franchise stability from its inception was the American League of Major League Baseball.

The NFL adopted some of the innovations introduced by the AFL immediately and a few others in the years following the merger. One was including the names on player jerseys.

The older league also adopted the practice of using the stadium scoreboard clocks to keep track of the official game time, instead of just having a stopwatch used by the referee.

The AFL played a game schedule for its entire existence, starting in The NFL, which had played a game schedule since , changed to a game schedule in , a year after the American Football League instituted it.

The AFL also introduced the two-point conversion to professional football thirty-four years before the NFL instituted it in college football had adopted the two-point conversion in the late s.

Remscheid Amboss - Cologne Falcons 7. Cologne Falcons - Gelsenkirchen Devils 9. Berlin Thunderbirds - Spandau Bulldogs 3. Assindia Cardinals - Remscheid Amboss Biberach Beavers - Holzgerlingen Twister Landsberg X-press - Würzburg Panthers München Rangers - Passau Pirates Troisdorf Jets - Bonn Gamecocks Ritterhude Badgers - Hamburg Pioneers 6.

Pforzheim Wilddogs - Heilbronn Miners Oldenburg Knights - Arminia Spartans Hannover 6. Burghausen Crusaders - Fursty Razorbacks Fursty Razorbacks - Landsberg X-press Darmstadt Diamonds - Trier Stampers Freiburg Sacristans - Heilbronn Miners Bonn Gamecocks - Cologne Falcons 0.

Bielefeld Bulldogs - Assindia Cardinals Spandau Bulldogs - Cottbus Crayfish Bremerhaven Seahawks - Oldenburg Knights Arminia Spartans Hannover - Ritterhude Badgers Frankfurt Pirates - Kassel Titans Passau Pirates - Burghausen Crusaders Remscheid Amboss - Gelsenkirchen Devils 7.

Würzburg Panthers - Neu-Ulm Spartans Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Berlin Thunderbirds Cologne Falcons - Bielefeld Bulldogs 0.

Berlin Bears - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Bonn Gamecocks - Assindia Cardinals 0. Cottbus Crayfish - Leipzig Lions Heilbronn Miners - Pforzheim Wilddogs Troisdorf Jets - Remscheid Amboss Mainz Golden Eagles - Darmstadt Diamonds 7.

Frankfurt Pirates - Trier Stampers Oldenburg Knights - Hamburg Blue Devils 9. Weinheim Longhorns - Karlsruhe Engineers Burghausen Crusaders - Landsberg X-press Arminia Spartans Hannover - Hamburg Pioneers Neu-Ulm Spartans - Fursty Razorbacks 7.

Berlin Bears - Spandau Bulldogs 7. Troisdorf Jets - Gelsenkirchen Devils Kassel Titans - Darmstadt Diamonds Bielefeld Bulldogs - Bonn Gamecocks Holzgerlingen Twister - Weinheim Longhorns Trier Stampers - Mainz Golden Eagles Würzburg Panthers - Burghausen Crusaders Pforzheim Wilddogs - Freiburg Sacristans Berlin Thunderbirds - Cottbus Crayfish 3.

Burghausen Crusaders - Neu-Ulm Spartans Leipzig Lions - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Landsberg X-press - München Rangers Mainz Golden Eagles - Kassel Titans Karlsruhe Engineers - Heilbronn Miners Oldenburg Knights - Ritterhude Badgers 7.

Würzburg Panthers - Fursty Razorbacks 0. Darmstadt Diamonds - Frankfurt Pirates Cologne Falcons - Troisdorf Jets Cottbus Crayfish - Berlin Bears Holzgerlingen Twister - Freiburg Sacristans Biberach Beavers - Karlsruhe Engineers Bielefeld Bulldogs - Gelsenkirchen Devils München Rangers - Landsberg X-press Spandau Bulldogs - Leipzig Lions Arminia Spartans Hannover - Oldenburg Knights Würzburg Panthers - Passau Pirates Pforzheim Wilddogs - Weinheim Longhorns Burghausen Crusaders - Würzburg Panthers Freiburg Sacristans - Pforzheim Wilddogs Berlin Thunderbirds - Leipzig Lions Gelsenkirchen Devils - Bonn Gamecocks 0.

Neu-Ulm Spartans - München Rangers Hamburg Pioneers - Ritterhude Badgers Assindia Cardinals - Troisdorf Jets Kassel Titans - Trier Stampers Heilbronn Miners - Biberach Beavers Passau Pirates - Fursty Razorbacks Oldenburg Knights - Bremerhaven Seahawks Weinheim Longhorns - Holzgerlingen Twister Remscheid Amboss - Bielefeld Bulldogs Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Berlin Bears Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Cottbus Crayfish Darmstadt Diamonds - Kassel Titans Troisdorf Jets - Bielefeld Bulldogs Biberach Beavers - Pforzheim Wilddogs Karlsruhe Engineers - Holzgerlingen Twister München Rangers - Neu-Ulm Spartans Cologne Falcons - Remscheid Amboss Mainz Golden Eagles - Trier Stampers Ritterhude Badgers - Arminia Spartans Hannover Würzburg Panthers - Landsberg X-press Burghausen Crusaders - Passau Pirates Neu-Ulm Spartans - Passau Pirates Bonn Gamecocks - Remscheid Amboss Bielefeld Bulldogs - Cologne Falcons München Rangers - Fursty Razorbacks Spandau Bulldogs - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Bremerhaven Seahawks - Ritterhude Badgers Mainz Golden Eagles - Frankfurt Pirates 7.

Berlin Thunderbirds - Berlin Bears 3. Oldenburg Knights - Hamburg Pioneers 0. Weinheim Longhorns - Heilbronn Miners 0.

Assindia Cardinals - Gelsenkirchen Devils Holzgerlingen Twister - Pforzheim Wilddogs Trier Stampers - Frankfurt Pirates 0. Fursty Razorbacks - München Rangers Bonn Gamecocks - Troisdorf Jets Holzgerlingen Twister - Heilbronn Miners Cottbus Crayfish - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Biberach Beavers - Weinheim Longhorns Karlsruhe Engineers - Freiburg Sacristans München Rangers - Würzburg Panthers Spandau Bulldogs - Berlin Bears Ritterhude Badgers - Oldenburg Knights Gelsenkirchen Devils - Cologne Falcons Remscheid Amboss - Assindia Cardinals Fursty Razorbacks - Passau Pirates Berlin Thunderbirds - Magdeburg Virgin Guards 6.

Gelsenkirchen Devils - Remscheid Amboss Hamburg Pioneers - Bremerhaven Seahawks Leipzig Lions - Berlin Bears Cottbus Crayfish - Spandau Bulldogs Karlsruhe Engineers - Biberach Beavers Landsberg X-press - Neu-Ulm Spartans Pforzheim Wilddogs - Holzgerlingen Twister Assindia Cardinals - Bielefeld Bulldogs Cologne Falcons - Bonn Gamecocks Trier Stampers - Kassel Titans Weinheim Longhorns - Freiburg Sacristans Würzburg Panthers - München Rangers 0.

Fursty Razorbacks - Burghausen Crusaders Darmstadt Diamonds - Mainz Golden Eagles Remscheid Amboss - Troisdorf Jets 0.

Burghausen Crusaders - München Rangers Neu-Ulm Spartans - Würzburg Panthers 0. Hamburg Pioneers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7. Assindia Cardinals - Bonn Gamecocks Kassel Titans - Frankfurt Pirates 8.

Heilbronn Miners - Weinheim Longhorns Trier Stampers - Darmstadt Diamonds Passau Pirates - Landsberg X-press Gelsenkirchen Devils - Bielefeld Bulldogs Hamburg Blue Devils - Bremerhaven Seahawks

Neckar Hammers - Badener Greifs Biberach Beavers N Spandau Bulldogs H Hanau Hornets - Bad Homburg Sentinels 7: Berlin Rebels II 6: Berlin Kobras A 0: Darmstadt Diamonds A Viele Hochschulen haben auch eigene Footballstadien. Zeven Northern United - Flensburg Sealords Hamburg Blue Devils - Hamburg Pioneers 8: Aus diesem Anlass wurden die Hamburg Blue Devils gegründet, die das Aushängeschild einer von einem Fernsehsender organisierten Liga beziehungsweise Turnierreihe sein sollten. Kassel Titans H Biberach Beavers - Karlsruhe Engineers Rodgau Pioneers - Bad Homburg Sentinels 0.

Their first title, in , was won against the Cologne Crocodiles, who were now five out five in German Bowl defeats. The following six seasons, the final was contested by the Lions and the Blue Devils on five occasions, with the Lions winning in and , while the Blue Devils won , and Only in did neither of those two win the Bowl, instead, the Cologne Crocodiles finally reversed their fortunes and won a championship in their sixth attempt.

Braunschweig lost a fifth final in a row in , when the Berlin Adler won their first title in 13 years. After this, the Braunschweig Lions set a new record, winning four German Bowls straight, beating four different teams in the finals.

In , the Blue Devils were once more the opposition, followed by two southern teams, the Marburg Mercenaries in and the Stuttgart Scorpions in , in an unbeaten season for the Lions.

The seventh title for the Lions came in , against the new force of the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. Kiel also played in the final, losing to the Berlin Adler, before finally being successful in and winning their first title against the same team.

In , the league season has been expanded from 72 to 98 games because of the enlargement of the league. It also saw the end of an year title drought for the south, when the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns defeated Kiel to take out the national championship for the first time.

For the season, the Mönchengladbach Mavericks , runners-up in the northern division in , were refused a licence, [12] leaving an extra spot in the league which was awarded to the Lübeck Cougars.

The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns repeated their success and once more defeated the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes in the German Bowl, becoming the first team from the south to win back-to-back championships since the Ansbach Grizzlies.

The season saw a return to northern dominance with all four southern teams knocked out in the quarter finals and the German Bowl contested by the revived Braunschweig Lions, now as the New Yorker Lions, and the Dresden Monarchs who made their first appearance in the championship final, with the Lions winning their eighth German Bowl in a close game with the only turnover coming with the last play when Dresden was driving down the field for a potentially game winning score.

The season began with the withdrawal of the Hamburg Blue Devils before the start of the season, leaving the northern division with only seven clubs.

In the north Braunschweig won another division title with a perfect season while the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns won the southern division for a fourth consecutive time who then went on to beat Kiel and Dresden in the Playoffs to reach the final.

The German Bowl was contested by the two division champions with Braunschweig taking out their ninth title with Schwäbisch Hall only scoring a Field Goal until the fourth quarter.

The Lions won their ninth German Bowl victory with the highest-ever winning margin, defeating the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 47—9.

The season played out similar to the previous edition with both Schwäbisch Hall and Braunschweig winning their division before advancing to the final where Braunschweig prevailed once more, this time by a more narrow margin.

Success in American football in Germany and at the German Bowl differs hugely between the clubs from the northern and the southern division, with the south, as of , only winning eight German Bowls and the north the remaining Similarly, southern clubs have only made 20 appearances in the Bowl, while northern clubs have appeared 54 times.

After the first three German Bowls, the final was never again contested by two southern clubs. Since the end of the golden era of the Ansbach Grizzlies in , southern clubs have only made nine appearances in the championship game and suffered a championship drought from to From to no southern team reached the German Bowl, with twelve consecutive finals played without southern participation.

On five occasions no southern team progressed beyond the quarter finals. In , , , and all four semi-finalists came from the northern division.

The disparity is also documented by the inter conference games held from to between the northern and southern divisions.

Of the games played in this era, the north won , almost 75 percent, the south only 48 while two were drawn: As a sign of the strong influence of Americans in the game in Germany, upon formation of the Bundesliga in , there was no restriction on how many foreigners a team could field.

The only stipulation was, that every team had to field a minimum of three German nationals at any time. Soon, this changed, and the allowed number of foreigners on the field for a team at any given time, in this case specifically, Americans, was reduced to five.

In , this number was reduced to four, in to three and, by , only two were allowed on the field for a team at any given time. In November , a new Bundesspielordnung , the rule book of American football in Germany, was published.

One major change was that the sport now placed citizens of European Union countries on equal footing with German nationals, meaning, restrictions on the number of these players per team on the field were now not in place anymore.

However, the restrictions on non-EU nationals remained in place, unless those players could prove that they had spent at least three years playing for a youth team in the sport in Germany.

For the season, a club can sign up up to ten non-EU players, have six of those on the line-up for any given game but only two of those on the field at any given time.

These restrictions are specifically in place for US, Canadian, Mexican and Japanese citizens and, on request, exemptions can be made for players from countries without established structures in the sport.

This rule is designed to prevent an advantage to the wealthier clubs, who could otherwise recruit a large number of players from the traditional American football countries.

German Bowl participants since The placings in the league since the renaming of the league to GFL after the season: This is a list of the winners of the regional divisions of the GFL.

A record 14 divisional titles were won by the New Yorker Lions, while the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns hold record for division titles in the south, nine.

The Ansbach Grizzlies still have won the secondmost titles in the south, seven, despite not having competed in the league since Since the inception of the Eurobowl in , German clubs have taken part in the competition in most seasons.

In most cases, the German Bowl winner of the previous season was qualified. In some seasons more than one German club took part in the competition.

On ten occasions clubs from Germany have won the Eurobowl. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from American Football Bundesliga.

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Current season, competition or edition: Spandau Bulldogs - Berlin Bears Ritterhude Badgers - Oldenburg Knights Gelsenkirchen Devils - Cologne Falcons Remscheid Amboss - Assindia Cardinals Fursty Razorbacks - Passau Pirates Berlin Thunderbirds - Magdeburg Virgin Guards 6.

Gelsenkirchen Devils - Remscheid Amboss Hamburg Pioneers - Bremerhaven Seahawks Leipzig Lions - Berlin Bears Cottbus Crayfish - Spandau Bulldogs Karlsruhe Engineers - Biberach Beavers Landsberg X-press - Neu-Ulm Spartans Pforzheim Wilddogs - Holzgerlingen Twister Assindia Cardinals - Bielefeld Bulldogs Cologne Falcons - Bonn Gamecocks Trier Stampers - Kassel Titans Weinheim Longhorns - Freiburg Sacristans Würzburg Panthers - München Rangers 0.

Fursty Razorbacks - Burghausen Crusaders Darmstadt Diamonds - Mainz Golden Eagles Remscheid Amboss - Troisdorf Jets 0. Burghausen Crusaders - München Rangers Neu-Ulm Spartans - Würzburg Panthers 0.

Hamburg Pioneers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7. Assindia Cardinals - Bonn Gamecocks Kassel Titans - Frankfurt Pirates 8. Heilbronn Miners - Weinheim Longhorns Trier Stampers - Darmstadt Diamonds Passau Pirates - Landsberg X-press Gelsenkirchen Devils - Bielefeld Bulldogs Hamburg Blue Devils - Bremerhaven Seahawks Hamburg Pioneers - Arminia Spartans Hannover Kassel Titans - Mainz Golden Eagles 6.

Landsberg X-press - Fursty Razorbacks Pforzheim Wilddogs - Karlsruhe Engineers München Rangers - Burghausen Crusaders abgesagt.

Freiburg Sacristans - Weinheim Longhorns Passau Pirates - Neu-Ulm Spartans Frankfurt Pirates - Darmstadt Diamonds 0.

Holzgerlingen Twister - Biberach Beavers Hamburg Blue Devils - Oldenburg Knights 0. Berlin Bears - Berlin Thunderbirds Biberach Beavers - Freiburg Sacristans Karlsruhe Engineers - Weinheim Longhorns Landsberg X-press - Burghausen Crusaders Passau Pirates - Würzburg Panthers Freiburg Sacristans - Holzgerlingen Twister Hamburg Blue Devils - Hamburg Pioneers 8.

Weinheim Longhorns - Pforzheim Wilddogs Neu-Ulm Spartans - Burghausen Crusaders Heilbronn Miners - Karlsruhe Engineers Arminia Spartans Hannover - Bremerhaven Seahawks Frankfurt Pirates - Mainz Golden Eagles 6.

Fursty Razorbacks - Würzburg Panthers Berlin Bears - Cottbus Crayfish Biberach Beavers - Heilbronn Miners Bremerhaven Seahawks - Arminia Spartans Hannover Gelsenkirchen Devils - Troisdorf Jets Leipzig Lions - Berlin Thunderbirds Cologne Falcons - Assindia Cardinals Ritterhude Badgers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7.

Freiburg Sacristans - Biberach Beavers Hamburg Pioneers - Oldenburg Knights Leipzig Lions - Cottbus Crayfish Bremerhaven Seahawks - Hamburg Blue Devils Troisdorf Jets - Cologne Falcons Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Spandau Bulldogs 6.

Spandau Bulldogs - Berlin Thunderbirds Berlin Bears - Leipzig Lions Troisdorf Jets - Assindia Cardinals Bonn Gamecocks - Gelsenkirchen Devils Bielefeld Bulldogs - Remscheid Amboss Ritterhude Badgers - Bremerhaven Seahawks Bonn Gamecocks - Bielefeld Bulldogs 7.

Bremerhaven Seahawks - Hamburg Pioneers Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Leipzig Lions Remscheid Amboss - Bonn Gamecocks Relegation zur Regionalliga Südwest.

Tübingen Red Knights - Weinheim Longhorns 0. Weinheim Longhorns - Tübingen Red Knights Pforzheim Wilddogs A Weinheim Longhorns A Holzgerlingen Twister H Karlsruhe Engineers H Heilbronn Miners A Pforzheim Wilddogs N Weinheim Longhorns H Karlsruhe Engineers A Holzgerlingen Twister A Freiburg Sacristans H Heilbronn Miners H Freiburg Sacristans A Fursty Razorbacks A Darmstadt Diamonds H Trier Stampers H Mainz Golden Eagles A Kassel Titans A Frankfurt Pirates H Kassel Titans H Mainz Golden Eagles H Trier Stampers A Frankfurt Pirates A Biberach Beavers A Fursty Razorbacks H Neu-Ulm Spartans H Burghausen Crusaders A Landsberg X-press H Neu-Ulm Spartans A Würzburg Panthers A Passau Pirates A München Rangers A München Rangers H Passau Pirates H Burghausen Crusaders H Landsberg X-press A Würzburg Panthers H Biberach Beavers H Darmstadt Diamonds A Oldenburg Knights A Ritterhude Badgers H Hamburg Pioneers H Oldenburg Knights H Ritterhude Badgers A 7: Hamburg Blue Devils A Hamburg Pioneers A 0: Bremerhaven Seahawks H Bremerhaven Seahawks A Hamburg Blue Devils H Ritterhude Badgers A Arminia Spartans Hannover A Oldenburg Knights A 0: Hamburg Blue Devils H 7: Arminia Spartans Hannover H Hamburg Pioneers A Oldenburg Knights H 0: Hamburg Pioneers H 8: Hamburg Blue Devils Arminia Spartans Hannover H 6: Hamburg Blue Devils H 9: Ritterhude Badgers H 7: Hamburg Pioneers H 0: Ritterhude Badgers A 0: Hamburg Blue Devils A 6: Hamburg Pioneers H 6: Bremerhaven Seahawks A 3: Hamburg Pioneers A 6: Arminia Spartans Hannover A 6: Arminia Spartans Hannover A 7: Hamburg Blue Devils A 7: Hamburg Blue Devils H 0: Arminia Spartans Hannover A 0: Oldenburg Knights H 7: Arminia Spartans Hannover H 9: Kiel Baltic Hurricanes II 4: Leipzig Lions A Berlin Thunderbirds A Cottbus Crayfish H Berlin Bears A 7: Leipzig Lions H Berlin Rebels II A Magdeburg Virgin Guards H Berlin Bears H Cottbus Crayfish A Magdeburg Virgin Guards A Berlin Thunderbirds H Berlin Rebels II H Spandau Bulldogs A Spandau Bulldogs H Berlin Bears A Spandau Bulldogs H 7: Spandau Bulldogs H 6: Cottbus Crayfish A 0: Spandau Bulldogs H 3: Berlin Rebels II A 7: Cottbus Crayfish H 3: Berlin Bears H 3: Magdeburg Virgin Guards H 6: Berlin Bears A 6: Spandau Bulldogs A 3: Berlin Thunderbirds A 0: Berlin Thunderbirds H 9: Cottbus Crayfish A 7: Spandau Bulldogs A 7: Berlin Rebels II 6: Berlin Rebels II A 6: Spandau Bulldogs A 6: Berlin Thunderbirds A 3: Berlin Bears A 2: Bielefeld Bulldogs A Bonn Gamecocks H Remscheid Amboss H Gelsenkirchen Devils H Cologne Falcons A Assindia Cardinals A Bielefeld Bulldogs H Bonn Gamecocks A Remscheid Amboss A Gelsenkirchen Devils A Cologne Falcons H Assindia Cardinals H Troisdorf Jets H Cologne Falcons A 0: Troisdorf Jets A Assindia Cardinals A 0: Gelsenkirchen Devils H 9: Bielefeld Bulldogs H 0: Troisdorf Jets A 0: Cologne Falcons H 0: Assindia Cardinals H 0: Assindia Cardinals A 3: Bielefeld Bulldogs H 7: Troisdorf Jets A 7:

Erlangen Sharks A Einerseits gehalt kimmich die zahlreichen Footballportale paypla logo Footballfans eine gute Informationsquelle, die ihnen über das Fernsehen nicht zur Verfügung steht, andererseits stellen viele Vereine Radio-Streams beziehungsweise Zusammenfassungen vieler Spiele in bewegten Bildern ins Internet ein. Bad Mergentheim Wolfpack H Landsberg X-press H 6: Cologne Falcons A Jedes Jahr findet ein Jugendländerturnier der Landesverbände statt, bei denen diese einen Auswahlkader aus Spielern gegeneinander antreten lassen. Königsbrunn Ants - Traunreut Munisier München Rangers H Hamburg Blue Devils - Ritterhude Badgers Am Ende der regulären Saison stehen die playoffs. Arminia Spartans Hannover H 9: Stuttgart Silver Jacks Beanstalk slot - spil gratis Nextgen spil nu Bremen Firebirds - Göttingen Generals 6.

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American football ligen

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